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Free Google Play Credit

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Bitcoin Canadian Subreddit

Let's talk about Bitcoin in Canada


This is a community for iPayYou.io, the world's most easiest way to spend and earn Bitcoin. By using a credit card or Amazon.com gift card balance you can receive payment in bitcoin the same day with the Earn Bitcoin feature! iPayYou also lets users buy gift cards with BTC, BCH and BSV, making cryptocurrencies useful by allowing for a variety of services to spend it on. It also allows direct transfer of funds to Amazon.com via Bitcoin Direct.

Where to buy Bitcoin gift cards for Costco?

Looking to buy some stuff from Costco, where can I buy some gift cards with BTC?
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You can buy Bitcoin gift cards in Japan

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Buying Bitcoin Gift Cards with Paypal

In the process of setting up a site to purchase a digital gift card containing instructions for accessing a wallet with the agreed amount on it. Plan to accept paypal and credit cards. My question is, since paypal is anti bitcoin (or so I've heard) would this work to offer bitcoin for paypal? I plan on making the digital pdf a bitcoin beginners guide. Giving away useful information to newbies along with instructions to access their wallet
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PSA: you can buy Uber and hundreds of other gift cards directly from inside the Bitcoin.com wallet.

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I just got a master gift card and am trying to buy bitcoin.

I was wondering if anyone here knows how to buy bitcoin with this gift card? If there no way, is anyone willing to ptp trade?
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How to buy bitcoin with gift card?

I have this Mastercard gift card but whenever I try to use it at bitcoin.org all it does is say the card is declined. Does anyone know how to buy it with this gift card?
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Make secure payments in your online shop with Bitcoin SV , Main mobile calls in best quality, top up your credit with Bitcoin SV , Powerplay thanks to clever payment - buy Bitcoin SV credit for games , Back to the Bitcoin roots with Bitcoin SV. Buy Gift cards using BitcoincashSV from Coinsbee.com

Make secure payments in your online shop with Bitcoin SV , Main mobile calls in best quality, top up your credit with Bitcoin SV , Powerplay thanks to clever payment - buy Bitcoin SV credit for games , Back to the Bitcoin roots with Bitcoin SV. Buy Gift cards using BitcoincashSV from Coinsbee.com submitted by coinsbee_com to bitcoincashSV [link] [comments]

How to buy bitcoin with gift card? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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I just got a master gift card and am trying to buy bitcoin. (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Can you buy bitcoin with a prepaid visa gift card?

I recently received 2x 100$ Visa Vanillagift prepaid cards and I want to buy btc with them. I am in the US. Is there any way I can buy btc (not p2p) and no ID verification online? I’ve heard of a website gocoinstream.com but idk if I can use prepaid cards or if theres any verification
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Pretty fast way to be anonymous and buy bitcoin with gift card, debit or credit card without verification
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I tried to find a way to buy bitcoin in Canada using a Visa/MC Gift card, apparently that is "impossible". So I'm willing to buy using e-transfer, but I'm afraid the sites I buy from can connect it to me. Is that so? And no I'm not buying anything illegal (see comment for details)...

Usually I use a gift card credit card for these things but it's more expensive....so I'm going to be completely honest with what I like to buy (you can laugh all you want).
1) First is Chaturbate Tokens. You get the most "bang for your buck" by using bitcoin and that's the first thing I want to buy. It's my vice, I know I'm a loser but whatever, I enjoy it. 2) Phone verification. Sometimes I will send someone $2.50 or something (either on reddit or elsewhere) on paypal to verify a phone number account for something like discord. I don't want my real number on discord or other services other than the big 5 (Google/Microsoft/eBay/Amazon/Facebook). I don't trust the "smaller" guys and a lot of these random services want phone numbers, so I use services on reddit to do that.
So my questions are;
1) I can definitely not buy using a Visa or MC gift card, right? 2) Assuming I buy using e-transfer, what is the best site? And will they require government ID or can I just send from my real bank account?
For #2, I don't really care about them knowing my name/address, but I don't want a random bitcoin site having government documents with them. If it was RBC or CIBC I wouldn't care, but these random exchanges I dont trust yet.
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Pretty fast way to be anonymous and buy bitcoin with gift card, debit or credit card without verification (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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How Gift Cards Work?

Gift cards are prepaid debit cards that are loaded with cash at the time of purchase. As the majority of prepaid debit cards, they typically have a quite small maximum available balance, usually in the range from $20 to $500. You can easily purchase a gift card online or in a physical store. Similar to prepaid debit cards, customers are typically not required to show their ID or SSN when they are purchasing a gift card.
Unlike certain prepaid debit cards, gift cards are not reloadable, meaning a card holder is not able to add additional funds to a gift card. Typically, gift cards are Visa or Mastercard and have a unique brand of the company that issued a particular card. Gift cards are not connected to a bank account like debit cards. We accept some gift cards and our customers can instantly buy Bitcoin with a gift card on our website.

Prepaid gift card as a payment method is convenient because your payment transactions are secured by financial institutions and typically processed immediately. As a result, you can receive your Bitcoin in minutes, if you buy Bitcoin with a prepaid gift card. This is not the case when you are using bank wire transfers and some other payment methods to purchase Bitcoin.

Where to Buy Bitcoin with a Gift Card?

Some cryptocurrency exchanges allow their users to use prepaid debit gift cards as a payment method. However, regulators all over the world require stricter regulations of crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and other crypto related businesses. Therefore, such companies are forced to be compliant with financial regulations and implement more rigorous and time consuming Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies.
At the same time, we observe a growing demand for online fiat-to-crypto services that can improve customer experience and make Bitcoin purchase process faster and easier. Such Fintech companies as MoonPay and Simplexuse a simplified KYC process and allow their customers to buy Bitcoin with certain gift cards instantly. We partner with MoonPay and our customers can seamlessly buy Bitcoin with some gift cards, including VISA and Mastercard.

You can learn more about Bitcoin investment products and strategies here.
Legal Disclosure: The information contained in this article is the property of Digital Finance LLC and cannot be republished without our prior permission.
Digital Finance is a Washington, DC, financial company that specializes exclusively in the Bitcoin market. We provide easy and compliant exposure to digital assets and help our customers from all over the world to instantly buy Bitcoin and earn up to 6% annually on their Bitcoin holdings.
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Can I buy bitcoin with visa gift card

Can I buy bitcoin with Visa gift card?
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Where can I buy bitcoin using a OneVanilla Visa gift card?

I don't want to do it at paxful, they have bad rates.
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Buy bitcoin with gift card or debit card NO KYC or Verification with ID

I’ve spent easily 6 hours looking for a website that I can buy bitcoin with no KYC but have only been lied to by websites that do require ID. Very discouraging and tiring to find no website that works since now every website needs kyc this year :(
Some Info: I used to use paxful but now they require KYC just to use their damn wallet. Which means I have $30 worth of bitcoin lost there.
I live with my parents so I can’t prove I live at any address with documents nor do I want to.
I have a debit card and could buy with that or buy a gift card online and buy bitcoin using that. But I cannot get a Visa or mastercard gift card online. So a legit website using amazon or best buy gift cards or something would work. No kyc obviously.
I live in the US so sites that work here
I’m trying to buy around $100 USD of bitcoin
I don’t want to have to wait a day just get the bitcoin so a quick website would be great
I use blockchain as a wallet but they kyc if I wanted to buy
I don’t want to meet in person to do anything or can’t do the Bank transfer to cash deposit to someone
I have tried this websites and they don’t work for me: Coinmama Changelly (lies about kyc) Bitsell X (Tried using but redirected me to changelly) Also No reviews
Ipayyou (looks suspicious; don’t want to get scammed) Paxful Bitrefill (sold out of crypto vouchers; could figure it out) Cryptovouchers (they kyc don’t want to lose money) Fold app (don’t think you can buy bitcoin using a giftcard only the other way around) Cash App (kyc) BaseFex (couldn’t figure out the derivative markets; don’t think I can just buy using a debit card either) Agora Desk; I might use but it looks suspicious still and would have to use cashapp to buy someone Wall of coins (Have to go in person somewhere) Switchere (Scared of kyc) HodlHodl (Not avaible in us) Bisq (Hard to use; Couldn’t figure out plus high fees don’t want to get scammed) Local cryptos (Dont support payment methods i want) Bitvalve (Inactive sellers wouldn’t respond) TotalCoin app (Barely any seller probably inactive) Coin corner (Not in Us plus lies about no kyc) Kyc not me (none that fit my requirements) Kucoin (only one seller that is selling $1000 or more) Bitquick (Have to go to bank to deposit cash) Buy crypto today (Low amount of sellers)
This is very depressing because it once was very easy and enjoyable to buy bitcoin now their is all this kyc and have to wonder if i’m getting scammed.
Might have to use bitsell x or Agora desk but would rather not.
If you can help or give a good website I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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A word on "market manipulation"

“Margin limits are set to maintain trade balance on the platform and to prevent market manipulations.”
Paxful’s staff really needs to investigate what the term "market manipulation" entails.
"Market manipulation refers to artificially inflating or deflating the price of a security or otherwise influencing the behavior of the market for personal gain."
By setting "margin limits" in a "P2P" marketplace, Paxful is:
What's left in these illiquid categories are the less scrupulous vendors whose actual rates are NOT as advertised, the real rates are often posted in the offer terms like this:
$200 card - open a trade for $60
$400 card - open a trade for $120
$500 card - open a trade for $150
$1000 in cards - open a trade for $300
$2000 in cards - open a trade for $600
If Paxful has a genuine interest in reducing market manipulation (and not just propping up their own market), they should bring in market makers of their own or stay out of it and let vendors set their own rates in accordance with the logistics, expenses and profitability of that particular category in this "P2P" marketplace.
"Having a high offer margin (i.e. 100%, 200%,500%, 900%) that doesn't reflect the actual price that will be paid in trades is considered as fake advertising and is forbidden by our TOS."
I find this to be slightly disingenuous - for vendors selling Bitcoin, "fake advertising" of price cannot possibly be an issue because the vendor's Bitcoin is locked into escrow and that amount is visible to the buyer before the trade begins. A seller of Bitcoin cannot release less Bitcoin to the buyer than is in escrow.
This would appear to be a poorly guided attempt by Paxful to bump up revenue from fees in the short term without realizing the long term impact it will have as vendors leave or begin to question whether they will be suddenly priced out of the market one day due to arbitrary fundamental changes to the market. If Paxful cared about market manipulation they would value keeping their markets as liquid as possible.
To make matters worse, it looks like as of March 6, 2020 certain vendors are still able to trade at rates below the posted margin limit while others cannot. Giving a drastic advantage to a couple market participants is just another telling sign that Paxful.com has become the opposite of a free market. Go trade regulated securities if you want to feel "free", the free P2P marketplace is dead on Paxful.com as far as my team and I can tell.
Vendors: If you’re leaving Paxful, what platforms are you moving to? Any thoughts on CoinCola.com ? Please share and comment if you're in favor free market price discovery.
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Buying amazon gift cards with bitcoin in India

While multiple options are available abroad any such options for buying gift cards from amazon.in or other e-commerce websites ?
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Can you buy bitcoin with a prepaid visa gift card? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Buying btc with gift cards (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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How to buy bitcoins with any gift card private?

I'm fully aware that gift card and bitcoin does not grant anonymity but grant pseudonymity but I'm having trouble looking for a website that accept gift card, allow me to to buy bitcoin with gift card. I only have microsoft gift cards or xbox gift cards with microsoft reward points. Paxful and coin cola is the only website I find but there no buying. Just selling. So in order to sell gift cards to get bitcoins you have to first send a screen shot that show gift card code to the person who will give you the bitcoin. Bitcoin are pretty expensive to get but selling bitcoins for gift cards are cheaper. But there are scammer out there. I forgot what reddit user username is but its this reddit user who call out the scammer for not only scamming the reddit user but also is threaten the reddit user. Reddit user show screen shot of the scamer send threaten message. I'm not sure if its from paxful reddit or coin cola reddit.
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Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Easy & Fast With Your Debit Card ... How to buy Bitcoins anonymously (using gift cards and 300 other ways) i tune Gift Cards to buy Bitcoin - YouTube How To Buy Bitcoin With Gift Cards On Paxful - Step by ... How To Buy Bitcoin With Gift Cards 2020 - YouTube

Use Bitcoin to buy Gift Cards at eGifer.com or with the eGifter mobile app. 300+ Brands. 300+ Gift Cards are available for purchase with Bitcoin. No Additional Fees. Simple checkout process with no additional fees. Fast Transactions . Bitcoin offers fast and secure payments. Earn eGifter Points. Earn eGifter Points when you pay with Bitcoin. Only at eGifter. Find Answers. Got questions? We've ... CoinCola is the best place to buy Bitcoin with Gift Card. It is easy and convenient and supports virtually all of today's popular Gift Cards like Amazon Gift card, iTunes Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, and more. Change your unwanted Gift Cards into Bitcoin today! SOCIAL MEDIA. QUICK LINKS . Buy Bitcoin Buy Ethereum Buy USDT Buy EOS Buy XRP Buy Bitcoin Cash Buy Litecoin Buy Gemini Dollar Buy ... Go to “Buy Bitcoin” and look for the gift card of your choice. Open a trade with the vendor and complete the terms. Receive bitcoins directly into your Paxful wallet; That’s it! You have successfully purchased bitcoin using a gift card as the payment method. The Gift Card Era. One of the more popular payment methods that have sprung up throughout the years is gift cards. Nowadays, you ... Buy easily & securely from an official and authorized distributors. Buy locally. Find one of over 200 distributors near you and buy Crypto Voucher with cash in your favourite, local store. Local points of sales; Exchange a gift card. Get a Crypto Voucher with gift cards. The easiest way to exchange other gift cards to Bitcoin. Exchange now; Buy ... Buy Bitcoin. Get Started Wallet Mining Games News Exchange. Buy Bitcoin. Go Back Buy Gift Cards; 0 items in cart; Select a Category. Featured Cards All Cards General Merchandise Food & Restaurants Movies & Entertainment ...

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Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Easy & Fast With Your Debit Card ...

Get on Paxful: https://paxful.com/?r=zGMkybbRwQW Crypto University: https://cryptouniversity.co.za In this step by step tutorial, I'll show you how to buy Bi... How to buy and sell gift cards is fast becoming a regular topic among young people like you maybe looking for a way to make money online. This is because gif... If you are looking to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously With Your Debit Card, Credit Card and even gift cards such as Amazon gift cards on paxful, itunes gift cards on... This is one of the best websites to buy bitcoins using over 300 modes of payment. Using gift cards will recquire you to pay a small commission to the web. Its very useful when u dont want to ... #cryptohub.house #bitcoin #cryptocurrency cryptohub.shop